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NH3 (Anhydrous Ammonia) Emergency Shutoff Valves

Our NH3 (anhydrous ammonia) emergency shutoff valves "cable style" come in the A-JJ2L and A-JJ2V. The A-JJ2L two-inch swing valve and the A-JJ2V 1-1/4 inch shutoff valve meet the American National Standards ANSI K61-1 and the Compressed Gas Association CGA-G-2.1 requiring all stationary storage installations to have an emergency shutoff valve installed in the liquid fixed piping. The unique cable arrangement allows the valve to be shut down in case of an emergency from any direction, maximizing the opportunity for a quick and safe shutdown.

nh3 emergency shutoff valves

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Emergency Shutoff Valve Construction

  • Body - Ductile Iron Casting
  • Bonnet - Steel
  • Cable - Stainless Steel
  • Cam - Heat Treated
  • Leaver - Aluminum
  • Seat for both (A-JJ2L & A-JJ2V) - Buna -N
  • Stem - Stainless Steel

Ordering Information

Emergency Shutoff Valves Ordering Information
Part Number Pipe Thread Size            Feature                Side Port
A-JJ-2-V 1-1/4" 25 foot stainless cable N/A
A-JJ-2-V-AA 1-1/4" Air Actuator included N/A
A-JJ-2-L 2" 25 foot stainless cable 1/4"
A-JJ-2-L-AA 2" Air Actuator included 1/4"
A-JJ-3-L 3" 25 foot stainless cable 1/4"
A-JJ-3-L-AA 3" Air actuator included 1/4"

Product Features

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