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NH3 (Anhydrous Ammonia) Irrigation Meters

A-1100 Flow Master

nh3 irrigation meters

We offer NH3 (anhydrous ammonia) irrigation meters in the standard #A-1100 Flow-Master, the A-1100-A Flow Master Kit & irrigation meter accessories.

Catalog #A-1100 Flow-Master is a device to control the flow of NH3 for irrigation application. A controlled flow is accomplished by means of a nylon disc containing a series of 24 different sized orifices. This unit does not compensate for variations in tank pressure and therefore adjustments should be made to allow for these variations.

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A-1100 Flow-Master
Part Number Description
A-1100-1F 1/4" NFPT Body
A-1100-1M 1/2" NMPT Body
A-1100-2 Nylon Disc (24 Orifice)
A-1100-3 'O' Ring Seal
A-1100-4 Bolt, Washer, & Wing Nut

A-1100-A Flow Master Kit

nh3 flow master kit

Catalog No. A-1100-A Flow Master Kit Includes:

  • A-1100 Flow Master
  • A-1101 Female Acme Coupling or A-1102 Male Acme Adaptor
  • A-1102 Strainer Screen
  • A-779 Back Check Valve
  • A-777 Spreader Tube
  • A-1132 Hose Connector
  • Two A-1136 Hose Clamps

Irrigation Accessories

nh3 back flow check

Catalog No. A-779 Back Flow Check is designed for use on the downstream outlet of the irrigation regulator. Its purpose is to prevent the back flow of water from irrigated areas into the regulation equipment and NH3 containers. This condition arises when the NH3 has been completely withdrawn from the tank.

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