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Frequently Asked Questions

when plumbing Anhydrous Ammonia tool bars

The withdrawal rate at which the excess flow check closes in case of an accident. This has no bearing on tractor speed or how fast you can do.

2-1/4" acme fittings allow more flow through the acme fitting resulting in faster tractor speeds and higher application rates. Especially in colder weather.

Heat exchangers rely on supply. Adding a second heat exchanger to the same supply line will not increase the application rate. You must increase the supply to increase the application rate by either adding a second supply line from another tank or upgrading to 1-1/2" hoses, fittings, valves and heat exchangers.

As with all supply lines the key is to maintain the supply line size. It is absolutely critical to use all 1-1/2" fittings in your supply lines and heat exchangers. Use full port fittings, valves and 2-1/4" acme adaptors. If you have swivel fittings or ball valves make sure they are all FULL PORT. Most common ball valves and swivels are not full port, make sure the unions, swivels, fittings and valves are 1-1/2" all the way through.

Upgrade the nurse tank valves to the A-1406-G or A-1406-FBV valves and change the acme fittings to 2-1/4" and upgrade your plumbing to 1-1/2". Even if you can't upgrade your plumbing or acme fittings you will still increase your applications rates by upgrading the nurse tank valves. Then you can progress to upgrading the rest of the plumbing when you can.

Most if not all of the 1000 gallon tanks have 1-5/8" dip tubes. Some older tanks could be 1-1/2". The 1450 and larger capacity tanks are going to be 2-1/2" dip tubs.

Yes in some circumstances. If your manifolds are to small or your rate exceeds the capacity of your knife tubes then a pump can help.

Check your manifold pressure to make sure they don't exceed 70 percent of your tank pressure. If they do your manifolds or splitter is to small. 

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