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NH3 (Anhydrous Ammonia) Accessories | Continental NH3

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NH3 (Anhydrous Ammonia) Accessories

At Continental NH3, we carry a variety of NH3 (anhydrous ammonia) accessories to support all our products including: float gauges & dials, pressure gauges and ACME gaskets.


nh3 rochester dials and float gauges

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We carry and can order Rochester Float Gauges for nurse tanks and storage tanks as well as replacement dials and gaskets for these gauges. Please contact us for part number pricing and availability.


nh3 anhydrous ammonia pressure gauges

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We have pressure gauges in three different sizes: 60, 150, and 400 with either glass or plastic lenses. They are available in 2-1/2" or 4" dial faces.

Part Number Dial Face Size Lens Type Pressure Range
PG-60 2-1/2" PLASTIC 0-60
PG-60-G 2-1/2" GLASS 0-60
PG-60-4 4" PLASTIC 0-60
PG-150 2-1/2" PLASTIC 0-150
PG-150-G 2-1/2" GLASS 0-150
PG-150-4 4" PLASTIC 0-150
PG-400 2-1/2" PLASTIC 0-400
PG-400-G 2-1/2" GLASS 0-400
PG-400-4 4" PLASTIC 0-400


nh3 anhydrous ammonia ACME gaskets

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We have standard size ACME gaskets: 1-3/4", 2-1/4", and 3-1/4".

Part Number ACME Size
22-71-F 1-3/4"
532-2 2-1/4"
540-2 3-1/4"

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