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Anhydrous Ammonia Shutoff Needle Valves | Continental NH3

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NH3 (Anhydrous Ammonia) Needle Valves

A1000 Shutoff Needle Valves

nh3 needle valve

Our NH3 (anhydrous ammonia) A- 1000 needle valves are designed for use in flow metering application suchs as ammonia tanks to provide a shut off for the pressure gauge. Its purpose is to allow the operator to remove the gauge for repair or replacement without evacuating the container. Because the flow rates are so low, shutoff needle valves are not used in simple shutoff applications. The A-1000 needle valve is also used on applicators to shut off the supply of NH3 to one or more knives.

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Construction: Cadmium plated steel body, bonnet, stem and seat. O-ring stem packing.

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Needle Valve Ordering Information
Catalog Number Pipe Thread Size Product Video
A-1000 1/4"

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