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ACME NH3 Hose Coupling & Thread Bolt | Continental NH3

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ACME NH3 (Anhydrous Ammonia) Hose Couplings

Acme NH3 (Anhydrous Ammonia) hose couplings are an excellent option when needing to connect and disconnect hoses that don’t need valves compared to the acme thread couplings. Supplied with 2-bolt clamps with hose sizes ranging from 1/2" to 2” and acme threads from 1-3/4” up to 3-1/4”.

ACME Female Threaded To 2 Bolt hose Clamp Couplings

acme nh3  type iii coupling

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Ordering Information

ACME Female Hoses To 2 Bolt Clamp Coupling Ordering Information
Catalog Number Hose Size ACME Thread Length Catalog Number w/Clamps
B-526-B 1/2" 1-3/4" 2-3/4" B-526-B-CL
B-526 3/4" 1-3/4" 3" B-526-CL
B-526-A 1" 1-3/4" 3" B-526-A-CL
B-526-C 1-1/4" 1-3/4" 3-1/2" B-526-C-CL
A-528 1-1/4" 2-1/4" 4-1/2" A-528-CL
A-552 2" 3-1/4" 4-1/2" A-552-CL